Traveler’s doubt

After being here for over 20 days, not to much. I’ve come to realize that most malaysians you will encounter will only talk to you in an automated way. That being said, you become just a cow or a sheep, you name it. Being part of a migratory species seems weak, boring and just part of the scenery, like birds, most people just see them but never tend to fall in them. 

The tackt of people is mostly never felt, only between members of your own species “the traveler”. Tour guides are accustomed to talk to everyone in the same robotic way. Even the jokes seem unnatural and just the trade of the day. Finding a “real” human being other than a traveler is quite difficult, only found a couple of cool malays in the Perhentian islands, which they where more like the exception to the rule. 

Then again, they where also vacationists, in their own country. Reality at a local level dissolves into becoming just an product of this nature of the visitor. He who does not touch and only leaves. 

That’s our sad reality and the reason we stay together. Other than that it’s a state of mind that unites us as people. But as long as we are on a different state we will be unable to cross comunicate and create a feeling of reality in a different land. 




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